Lions Hearing Aid Bank

ACCORDING to the World Health Organisation (WHO), over 360 million people globally are affected by a ‘disabling hearing loss’ – meaning every day sounds, like light traffic and general conversational speech, cannot be clearly heard.

Affected groups are not distributed equally. WHO’s research demonstrates that developing countries have the greatest prevalence of hearing impaired people, particularly through rural areas across South East Asia, the Asia Pacific and sub-Saharan Africa.

To help these people our Lions Hearing Clinics, in collaboration with Lions Hearing Foundation, donate thousands of pre-owned hearing aids to areas in need through a joint initiative called the Lions Hearing Aid Bank. The hearing aids are donated to people in need across the world and in particular to developing countries such as the Phillipines, Indonesia and Kenya. 

The hearing aids are donated to schools, orphanages and community centres. 

“Through this one very practical programme the Lions Hearing Aid Bank is helping many children (and families) access hearing aids that would not have been available otherwise and allowing them to hear in class and gain an education”, our CEO Sandra Bellekom said. 

“Hearing loss often results in people becoming isolated and less likely to interact with family and friends causing social divides,” said Ms Bellekom.  “With the support of Lions, our Lions Hearing Clinics and the Lions Hearing Aid Bank program we are helping to address these issues and making a real difference in the lives of thousands of people."

As a high tech item similar to the latest smart phones, people are eager to upgrade when new hearing aid models come out or their hearing loss has progressed and their previous hearing aid is no longer powerful enough. This has left many hearing aids sitting in dressing room drawers or in old shoeboxes full of other previously loved items. 

Do you have hearing aids that you would like to donate?

Your donation will change lives. 

If you would like to support the Lions Hearing Aid Bank, please drop off your old hearing aids to your local Lions Hearing Clinic. For a full list of Lions Hearing Clinic locations, click here

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