Rechargeable hearing aids

The latest technology has culminated in the development of a battery-free hearing aid, giving the quickest charging, longest lasting device available.

This latest device gives you the ability to recharge your hearing aid within 3 hours for a full 24 hours of operation.

Through the use of sophisticated hearing technology, this innovative hearing aid does not require you to change your batteries. Simply place in the accompanying Charger Case and within a few hours, you have enough life for it to function all day. Also offering the benefits of being water resistant and dust tight, the Charger Case is the perfect place to keep your hearing aids safe over night while charging at the same time. 

With simplicity at the forefront of the designers mind when creating this device, to turn on your hearing aids you simply remove from the charger, push the button on the back of the hearing aid until it briefly flashes green for Go! and you are ready to start your day!

When there is no power source available, or when you are away on business or holidays, the use of a special Power Pack under the Charging Case will provide you with 7 full charges for a pair of hearing aids. 

To make things even easier, a small Mini Charger is available for when you are on the go or for your desk at work as a quick one-hour charge in any of the chargers will provide you with 8 hours of battery life. Alternatively you can leave your hearing aids charging for a full 3 hour recharge.

Ideal for people on the go or those who prefer not deal with fiddly batteries, the brand new rechargeable hearing aids are available at your local Lions Hearing Clinic.

Contact us today on 1800 054 667 to find out more and discover how this new technology could revolutionise your way of hearing.


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