Other devices

There are a number of alternative hearing devices that can improve your ability to hear. These devices are called Assistive Listening devices and can be used in combination with hearing aids or used without hearing aids.

Assistive Listening Devices can help you hear in a range of listening situations including:

  • Over the telephone.
  • In noisy environments.
  • Hearing the TV.
  • In small or large group listening environments (such as restaurants, concert halls and meetings).
  • Over distance.
  • Hearing the doorbell or alarms.

At the Lions Hearing Clinic our team of hearing specialists will help you find the best assistive listening devices to suit your needs. In the Lions Hearing Clinic Mt Lawley we have a trial area where you can test all of our assistive listening devices to make sure the device improves your ability to hear and that you are comfortable with the technology.

We have a number of Assistive Listening Devices including:

Amplified home telephones

These extra loud telephones can help improve you hearing over the phone by increasing the volume of the telephone. The telephones have adjustable speaker volume, are hearing aid compatible and come with an extra loud adjustable ringer.

Alarms and alerting systems

These alarms alert those with hearing loss by providing a light, vibration and sound when the doorbell is rung or the smoke detector detects smoke. Those with significant hearing loss often fail to hear alarms around the house so the added visual cues and vibrations can help them recognize the alert. The transmitters can also be used for baby monitors.

Wireless TV headsets

Wireless TV headsets allow you to listen to sound directly from your TV, speaker or radio and reduce the significance of background noise. By streaming the sound directly to a headset people with hearing loss can watch the TV at a comfortable level without disturbing others.

Personal amplifiers

If you do not have a hearing aid or cannot manage hearing aids a personal amplifier can be used to improve your ability to hear. The amplifiers come with a set of headphones and when the amplifier is turned on sound is sent through the amplifier to the headphones.

Wireless hearing aid accessories

Wireless hearing aid accessories vary depending on each hearing aid model and are only compatible with certain types of hearing aids. These accessories will allow you to stream your TV and mobile phone directly to your hearing aids.

Wireless communication systems/FM systems

Wireless communication systems and FM systems are used in combination with hearing aids to help you hear better over distances and in background noise. This is achieved by reducing the significance of background noise. 

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