ALL-NEW Invisible Hearing Devices

The future of hearing devices is here.

100% Invisible
• ​Clear, Natural Sound 
• No Daily Hassles
• No Batteries to Change
• Fit and Forget about your Hearing Loss

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Our all-new invisible hearing device is 100% invisible so you can be confident that no one will see how well you can hear! The invisible hearing device sits comfortably, deep inside your ear, providing you with clear, natural sound while staying completely out of sight! Known as the contact lens for your ear, this revolutionary new device uses sophisticated micro-engineering to leverage the ear’s natural structure and amplify sound.

The invisible hearing device provides exceptionally crisp, natural sound, and stays in your ear 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. After being fitted into your ear, this innovative new device requires no batteries and no daily maintenance. You can wear it while exercising, sleeping and even showering. This means that after being fitted in your ear, you can simply forget about the device, and after experiencing clear natural sound 24/7, you can also forget about your hearing loss!

Over 93% of invisible hearing device users would recommend it to a friend or loved one, and it’s easy to see why. As a completely invisible device, this all new device is suitable for people of all lifestyles. Whether you enjoy socialising with friends and family, playing sports and enjoying the great outdoors, or need to improve your communication with colleagues in the workplace, our all-new invisible hearing device offers unique benefits for people of every lifestyle. As a completely invisible device, offering exceptional sound quality, the invisible hearing device will stop hearing loss from affecting your lifestyle so you can get back to hearing the ones you love!

While you wouldn’t be able to spot them on the street, thousands of people around the world are wearing invisible hearing devices! For these people, invisible hearing devices offer a level of confidence and convenience unrivalled by other hearing devices. These hassle-free hearing devices are compatible with glasses, sunglasses and ear instruments like stethoscopes. Invisible hearing devices truly are our most convenient hearing devices yet. No batteries. No daily maintenance. No worries.

Invisible hearing devices are not surgically implanted and require no anaesthesia when fitted. You can be fitted with an invisible hearing device in less than an hour by one of our specialists at the Lions Hearing Clinic. In less than an hour you can experience the benefits of invisible, incredible and hassle-free hearing.

Once fitted, the battery within your device will last for two to three months before you will need a quick replacement visit to your audiologists.

Unfortunately not all people are eligible for invisible hearing. This is because each person’s ear canal is unique, and each person’s individual hearing loss is unique. Our audiologists at Lions Hearing Clinics will determine if you are eligible for invisible hearing in your invisible hearing appointment.

Invisible hearing devices are changing the lives of people with hearing loss from all around the world. The device is the only device that provides clear and natural hearing 24/7 for months a time. It also offer its users a level of comfort, convenience and confidence unrivalled by other hearing devices. If you are ready to forget about your hearing loss, you are ready for invisible hearing.

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