Hearing technology

Hearing loss is a treatable condition in the vast majority of cases. A simple hearing check can identify your needs and our audiologists are able to suggest a suitable option for you.

The option best suited to you may or may not include a hearing device. Many times we are able to assist patients through teaching specific communication strategies to assist in situations where you find it difficult to hear. We also have assisted listening devices which include items that can help you hear better in your own home, such as telephone amplifiers or loud doorbells. At Lions Hearing Clinics our qualified audiologists are commission-free; this means we only recommend hearing solutions that suit your personal situation and will improve your ability to hear.

If hearing aids are recommended for you, we have an extensive range available from hearing devices that are not visible by others, to very discreet devices that either fit in your ear or behind it. We know that your hearing is important to you and our audiologists take the time to go through your lifestyle needs as well as your hearing needs. We match you with the best possible device for your needs and will keep in touch with you to make sure your hearing aid is continuing to improve your ability to hear.

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