In a collaborative initiative with the the Lions Hearing Clinic and Lions Hearing Foundation, Ear Science Community offers West Australian businesses and industries WorkCover WA-accredited hearing screenings and healthy hearing advice through its mobile audiological unit, the Lions Hearing Foundation Bus. 

West Australian law requires employers to complete a baseline hearing test for all employees exposed to noise (prescribed) in the workplace. The assessment must be conducted by a WorkCover WA-registered audiometric officer or audiologist, utilising approved protocols and assessment equipment. 

The Lions Hearing Foundation Bus conducts onsite hearing tests to these strict standards. Educational services can also be packaged with the bus, with expert trainers from the Avant Education Centre providing practical noise induced hearing loss prevention training.

Our Lions Hearing Foundation Bus is equipped with the latest in audiology testing facilities, and is run by volunteer drivers and testers.

For bookings or enquiries, please contact Lize Coetzee on 1800 054 667 or

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