Custom ear plugs

Lions Hearing Clinics offer a range of premium designed ear plugs to protect your ears in a variety of different environments. These premium ear plugs are custom designed for your ears and created to cater for your unique listening needs. To create custom designed ear plugs we take a mould of your ears by placing impressionable material into your ear canal. We then use this mould to create ear plugs that are designed to perfectly fit the shape of your ears. These ear plugs offer superior fit, greater comfort, better protection and improved sound reduction compared to standard ear plugs. We offer three types of custom designed ear plugs; swimmers ear plugs, noise protection ear plugs and musician ear plugs.

Swimmers ear plugs protect your ears from water while swimming and are essential for people who need to keep water out of their ears. By protecting your ears while swimming you reduce your risk of ear infections. Swimmers ear plugs are designed to fit comfortably in your ear and do not have a tight seal, ensuring you can still hear the sounds around you. They are appropriate for all activities in water such as surfing, sailing and rowing.

Noise protection ear plugs protect your ears from exposure to loud sounds which can cause long term damage to your ears. These ear plugs are essential for those who work in loud environments such as worksites, bars, music venues and clubs. Custom designed to fit your ears, noise protection ear plugs fit more comfortably in your ears then standard disposable ear plugs and provide improved sound protection. We also offer special sleeping ear plugs designed for maximum comfort, to help those people who sleep in noisy environments.

Musician ear plugs allow you to hear the true quality of music while protecting your ears from loud sounds. Unlike other custom designed ear plugs, musicians ear plugs are designed with a flat frequency reducer, meaning they reduce all frequencies of sound by an equal amount. This differs from other custom designed ear plugs which reduce the sound of different frequencies at varied amounts. The overall effect of flat frequency reduction is that unlike other ear plugs, the sound of high frequencies aren’t cut out and you can hear all the different sounds. The clarity of sound is exactly the same, it just sounds softer. As the clarity of sound is maintained, these ear plugs are perfect for musicians and people who regularly attend concerts. Our audiologists can also add filters to your musicians ear plugs which can let you filter out certain sounds that aren’t important to you. These are effective for musicians that need to focus on hearing their own instrument as it ensures the sound of their instrument isn’t drowned out by the sound of the band. These filters are customisable and lets you cut out the sounds you don’t need to hear so you can have greater ability to focus on the sounds that you do need to hear. Musicians ear plugs are custom designed and will sit deep within your ear with a tight seal.

We also offer disposable musician ear plugs called Pluggers – which provide instant protection from exposure to loud sounds. These ear plugs are not custom designed, however they do provide significant hearing protection. 

To purchase your custom designed swimmers ear plugs, noise protection ear plugs, sleeping ear plugs or musicans ear plugs call 1800 054 667 to book an appointment with our friendly Lions Hearing Clinic audiologists and audiometrists.

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