Training courses

Lions Hearing Clinics are part of Ear Science Institute Australia, a not-for-profit organisation focusing on ear and hearing disorders. 

Our four areas of Ear Science Institute Australia are clinical services such as Lions Hearing Clinics, education, research and community programs. 

Our training courses are delivered through our Avant Education Centre and incorporate the latest findings from research and clinical to ensure we are delivering the most up to date content. 

To discover the range of courses available through The Avant Education Centre, please click below.

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Available Courses

Courses are delivered by specialists and GP courses are RACGP approved.

About The Avant Education Centre

Find out about this specialist training facility in Subiaco, Western Australia

Community Programs

Discover how Ear Science is involved in the local and international community.

Ear Science Research

Review the findings from our clinical and basic research projects.

Our services

Discover the wide range of audiological and aural rehabilitation services we provide for patients with hearing loss and other hearing related disorders


97% of people have some degree of Tinnitus. Learn how our qualified audiologists can help manage and treat your tinnitus distress.