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How to refer to the Lions Hearing Clinic

To refer a patient to the Lions Hearing Clinic call 1300 84 76 85.

Alternatively you can email your referral or fax your referral to 6380 4901.

Why refer your patient to Lions Hearing Clinic?

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Patient Centred Care: 

Lions Hearing Clinics are not-for-profit, not affiliated with any hearing aid manufacturer and our hearing specialists are completely commission-free meaning they are always dedicated to providing the best care to your patients. 

Lions Hearing Clinics are not affiliated with any hearing aid manufacturers. This means that our hearing specialists do not have any incentive to sell certain brands of hearing aids and instead are always focused on finding the best hearing solution for your patients.

Our Lions Hearing Clinics are completely commission-free. While many other hearing service providers sell hearing aids based on commission, our focus is instead on providing patients with the hearing solution that they need. Rather than just focussing on hearing aids, we investigate all
hearing solutions suitable for your patients including communication strategies, Assistive Listening Devices and implantable technology. At the Lions Hearing Clinic we are focussed on finding the best hearing solution for your patient.

At Lions Hearing Clinics we are committed to supporting your patients throughout the entire hearing journey. Our audiologists and audiometrists are trained to thoroughly listen, help and support patients even after they are fitted with their device. All patients at Lions Hearing Clinics are offered comprehensive rehabilitation and ongoing support. This support includes a 30 day money back guarantee, 6 months of free appointments, a 3 year warranty on all hearing aids, 24 hour in house support and hearing aids for loan if your patient’s hearing aids need repairs. Following the fitting of a hearing device we are dedicated to making sure your patients receive the best hearing results and are comfortable with their device. 

At Lions Hearing Clinics your patient always comes first and their wellbeing is always our top priority.

Research Based Care:

As a not-for-profit organisation profits generated by Lions Hearing Clinic are reinvested back into our Ear Science Research Department. Our Ear Science Research Department endeavours to find new solutions to the problems faced by the one in six Australians living with hearing loss with the ultimate goal to find a cure to hearing loss. This is achieved through our Clinical Research Team, which focusses on translating research findings into clinical practice and our Basic Research Team, which conducts leading research in stem cell biology, regenerative medicine and tissue engineering.

All of our audiologists apply the findings from our Ear Science Research team to their clinical practice. By applying findings from our Ear Science Research team we ensure your patients receive the best care based on the latest scientific research. Research findings are directly applied to our protocols regarding the treatment and management of your patients as well as the surgical techniques used by our audiologists. These findings are even used to investigate new hearing devices and hearing solutions.

With strong ties between our researchers and audiologists, Lions Hearing Clinics are committed to providing the best research based care to your patients.

Community Driven:

As a not-for-profit organisation profits generated by the Lions Hearing Clinic are also reinvested into the greater community. This is achieved through the Ear Science Community program whose multi-pronged approach to support those with hearing loss includes education programs, preventative measures and community service.

Lions Hearing Clinics are dedicated to supporting those struggling with hearing loss both locally and internationally. Nationally, Aboriginal children have the highest rate of otitis media (ear disease) in the world and each year our audiologists visit the Pilbara with the aim to empower local people to address this issue. Visiting these rural areas throughout the year our audiologists are focussed on providing local residents the skills to improve their hearing health all year round.

Internationally 360 million people globally are affected by a disabling hearing loss meaning every day sounds, like general speech, cannot be clearly heard. To help resolve this issue our Lions Hearing Clinics donate thousands of pre-owned hearing aids to areas in need including the Philippines, Kenya and Indonesia. Donated in collaboration with the Lions Foundation, our Lions Hearing Clinics help many children (and families) access hearing aids allowing them to hear in school and receive a better education.

When you refer your patients to Lions Hearing Clinics you are directly helping those with hearing loss and supporting the greater community both locally and internationally. 

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