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Research has shown that medical practitioners are key to addressing hearing loss in the community and reducing the impact of hearing loss. At present, only half of people requiring hearing services are referred on for an assessment and on average people wait seven years to address their hearing loss. By this time, there can be considerable impact on their physical and mental health as a result of the delay in seeking assistance. 

It has been shown that cognitive decline is accelerated by hearing loss, and that in existing dementia patients, hearing loss is a predictor of a quicker rate of cognitive decline.

The cause of hearing loss can range from aging through to repeated or high level of exposure to noise, but it can also be caused by some medications and also from conditions such as diabetes. Some people have a genetice predisposition to hearing loss and early intervention is highly important.

At Lions Hearing Clinics we have fully qualified audiologists and audiometrists looking after your patient. We are commission-free and we focus on patient centred care, so you know you patients are in good hands.

Lions Hearing Clinics can easily assess your patients and provide you with a report on their hearing loss. We encourage all medical professionals to refer patients for assessment if there are any signs of potential hearing loss

Our GP-direct line for Lions Hearing Clinic is 1300 84 76 85.


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