Signs of hearing loss

The signs of hearing loss can sometimes be subtle and become more extensive the longer it is left untreated. Many times it is your loved ones that notice it first. It can be as simple as the TV being up too loud, and as life-impacting as mishearing key conversations with loved ones. Have you ever asked people to repeat themselves multiple times and then just given up and pretended you knew what was being said? This seems harmless but it can be detrimental when it impacts your relationship with family and friends as conversations become limited, at work when you misunderstand instructions from the boss or when you are not able to understand important information from a medical professional.

At Lions Hearing Clinics we have seen this many times over and it normally takes a big event or misunderstanding for people to seek help. We would like to help you recognise if you have hearing loss early so we can find a suitable discreet option for you to get back into the conversation and enjoying life. Below are the many forms and signs hearing loss can impact your life. If you have two or more of the below signs, please contact us today.



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