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Lions Hearing Clinics are different.

Lions Hearing Clinics are different to other clinics. They originated from the charitable Lions Hearing Foundation and since then have grown into a trusted multi-facet not-for-profit organisation dedicated to supporting those with hearing loss. Lions Hearing Clinics’ mission is to provide you the best possible care and find the best solution for you. Our specialised audiologists and audiometrists are committed to working with you, listening to you and answering all your questions. We listen to your unique needs and help develop a hearing solution that best suits your lifestyle.

At Lions Hearing Clinic our focus is you.

Why come to the Lions Hearing Clinics?

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The best care for you:

Lions Hearing Clinics are committed to providing you the best quality hearing services. All of our audiologists and audiometrists are highly qualified and specialised. Our hearing specialists combine their extensive experience and expertise to find the best hearing solution for you. They are the hearing specialists you can trust.

Lions Hearing Clinics are a not-for-profit organisation and our clinics are completely commission-free.  This means that our friendly audiologists and audiometrists will always provide you the hearing solution that you need rather than sell you a hearing solution based on a commission.  As a commission-free clinic, our audiologists investigate other hearing solutions then just hearing aids. Our hearing specialists can show you communication strategies to improve your hearing, other alternative hearing devices and hearing implantable devices. The Lions Hearing Clinics are committed to finding the best hearing solution for you.

Lions Hearing Clinics are not affiliated with any hearing aid manufacturers. As a result of this our hearing specialists do not have any incentive to sell certain brands of hearing aids. By not being affiliated with any hearing aid manufacturers our hearing specialists can recommend the best hearing solution for you even if it does not involve hearing aids or certain brands of hearing aids. This also means that you have a wider selection of hearing solutions to choose from and our expert audiologists are trained to help guide you with this selection. Our experienced hearing specialists understand all the hearing solutions available and using this knowledge recommend the best hearing solution for your needs.

At the Lions Hearing Clinics we are dedicated to supporting you through every step of the hearing journey. At the beginning we will help you find out if you have a hearing loss and if so, gently guide you to the path of better hearing. After we provide you a hearing solution we are committed to providing you comprehensive rehabilitation and ongoing support. Following your fitting we make sure your hearing solutions are giving you the best hearing results and that you are completely comfortable with the technology. We achieve this in a FREE 6 month follow up appointment where our audiologist will adjust and check your hearing aids. In this appointment our audiologist will make sure you are getting the best results from you hearing devices and provide you additional tools to improve your communication. All of our hearing aids come with a 3 year warranty, 24 hours repairs where possible and a 30 day money back guarantee.

At Lions Hearing Clinic you always come first and your wellbeing is always our top priority.

Hearing solutions are based on the latest research:

Lions Hearing Clinics are a not-for-profit organisation and proceeds generated by Lions Hearing Clinic are reinvested back into our Ear Science Research Department. Our world renowned Ear Science Research department investigate and test new strategies to help the one in six people with hearing loss. With the ultimate goal to find a cure for hearing loss the findings of our Ear Science research team are directly applied into the clinical practice of your audiologists. This means when you come to Lions Hearing Clinic you will be receiving care based on the latest scientific research. At Lions Hearing Clinic all of our team have strong ties with our researchers, ensuring you receiving the most up to date, research proven hearing solution.

You will be supporting those with hearing loss both locally and internationally:

As a not-for-profit organisation proceeds generated by Lions Hearing Clinic are reinvested to support those with hearing loss both locally and internationally. Indigenous children have the highest rate of otitis media (ear disease) in the world and your support allows our audiologists to visit the Pilbara every year with the aim to empower local people to address this issue.

To support the 360 million people affected by a disabling hearing loss internationally our Lions Hearing Clinics donate thousands of pre-owned hearing aids to areas in need including the Philippines, Kenya and Indonesia. Working in collaboration with the charitable Lions Hearing Foundation, many of the donated hearing aids are fitted to children, allowing them to hear in school and receive a better education.

When you come to the Lions Hearing Clinics you are supporting the community.  

At Lions Hearing Clinic we are dedicated to giving you the best possible care and getting you back to hearing the ones you love. To book an appointment at Lions Hearing Clinic, contact us or call us on 1800 054 667 today.

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