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Hear the Ones You Love

Your hearing greatly impacts your perception of the world around you and your relationships.

Lions Hearing Clinics are part of Ear Science Institute Australia, a world renowned research centre in Perth.

We offer client focused, commission free hearing services, putting your hearing journey first.

Hearing loss can isolate you from conversations with friends, family and in the workplace. It can also make it difficult to do the things in life that you enjoy, from socialising with friends and family, to watching TV. 

Lions Hearing Clinics are dedicated to helping you improve your hearing and get back to enjoying the sounds in your life and conversations with loved ones. 

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Life-changing Cochlear Implants

Currently less that 10% of those that need a cochlear implant, actually get one. Here at the Lions Hearing Clinics and Ear Science Implant Clinic, we are determined to change that. To find out if you or someone you care about may be a cochlear implant candidate, or simply just to have a hearing test, call us on 1800 054 667 to book your appointment today.

Why choose Lions

Learn why you should visit Lions Hearing Clinics. We are a commission-free organisation dedicated to helping you hear the ones you love.

Take a Free Hearing Screening

Check your hearing online using our free hearing screening.

Our services

Discover the wide range of audiological and aural rehabilitation services we provide for patients with hearing loss and other hearing related disorders

Hearing technology

Discover different ways to improve your hearing and how we may be able to help you, from hearing aids to 100% invisible hearing devices to other alternatives.

Invisible Hearing

We offer tiny devices that are 100% invisible to the outside world. These devices provide a clear and natural sound 24 hours a day and are loved by patients who want to fit-and-forget.

Hearing aids

Discover how we are dedicated to finding the best hearing aids for you. We recommend hearing aids based on your unique hearing loss, lifestyle and listening environments.


97% of people have some degree of Tinnitus. Learn how our qualified audiologists can help manage and treat your tinnitus distress.

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