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Ear Science collaborates with SUSTech in China 29/05/2018

Our CEO Sandra Bellekom and Ear Science Researcher Elaine Wong were invited to speak at the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) in Shenzhen, China.

Lions Hearing Clinics are the #1 centre for Invisible Hearing Devices in WA 25/05/2018

Have you heard of invisible hearing devices? These devices are 100% invisible so you can be confident that no one will be able to see how well you hear!

Head of Clinical Services, Lize Coetzee, is part of the Next Gen Initiative 21/05/2018

We are proud to announce our Head of Clinical Services, Lize Coetzee, is part of the Next Gen Initiative!

Ear Science welcomes international stem cell researcher 17/05/2018

We are proud to welcome Dr Pratheesh Damodaran to Ear Science Institute Australia. Travelling all the way from India to work in our lab, Dr Damoran's research focuses on a special type of stem-cell called "mesenchymal stem cells."

Ear Science Hosts 2018 Perth Endoscopic Ear Surgery Dissection Course

ENT surgeons from all around the world visited Ear Science to attend the 2018 Perth Endoscopic Ear Surgery Dissection Course.

World Hearing Day 2018 - 3/3/2018

All across the world hearing loss is RISING! Action NEEDS to be taken.

Ear Science CEO visits kids with cochlear implants in China 6/02/2018

While visiting China to meet with the World Health Organization (WHO), our CEO, Sandra Bellekom, visited an adorable class of cochlear implant users at the China Rehabilitation Research Centre for Hearing and Speech Impairment.

Ear Science celebrates Research Week at QE2 2/02/2018

To celebrate Research Week at QEII Medical Centre, our Director and renowned surgeon scientist, Winthrop Professor Marcus Atlas, gave a speech advocating the importance of research and the cutting-edge research that we are conducting at Ear Science.

Ear Science launches World Class Hearing Education Program 1/02/2018

Ear Science Institute Australia is delivering the award winning Dangerous Decibels program!

Ear Science Director presents at XVI Hearing and Structure Presentation Workshop 22/01/2018

Ear Science Director Winthrop Professor Marcus Atlas presented at the "XVI Hearing and Structure Presentation Workshop" hosted by MED-EL.

Ear Science welcomes new ENT Education Consultant 17/01/2018

Ear Science is proud to welcome our new ENT Education Consultant, Dr Jafri Kuthubutheen.

Ear Science Researcher visits China for collaboration 16/01/2018

Our Ear Science Researchers collaborate with researchers from all around the world to conduct the world's best hearing research!

Ear Science Researcher presents hearing loss & cognition research 28/12/17

Our Clinical Researchers are conducting research on those who develop hearing loss after they have acquired speech and language skills (those who develop hearing loss after the age of six). Our researchers have shown that people with post-lingual hearing loss who use hearing device, had faster reaction times, improved memory and better problem solving skills vs those without devices.

Ear Science featured in Westpac IQ 27/12/2017

In December 2017, Westpac spread awareness of Ear Science's mission, the gender diversity within Ear Science and it's hearing research.

Ear Science Researcher wins award from Royal Australasian College of Surgeons 12/12/2017

Congratulations to Ear Science Researcher Dr Hsern Ern Tan for winning "Best oral presentation" at the 54th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Surgical Research Society of Australasia.

Ear Science welcomes world renowned researcher

We are very proud to welcome Dr Elaine Wong , a multi-award winning stem cell researcher, to Ear Science Institute Australia.

Ear Science Facebook Page reaches over 1.7 million people worldwide 16/10/2017

Since being founded in 2016, the Ear Science Facebook Page has reached over 1.7 million people worldwide.

Lions Hearing Clinic supports Southwest Seniors Expo 10/11/2017

On the 9th of November 2017 our Lions Hearing Clinic team provided the Southwest Australian community information on the prevalence of hearing loss, the signs of hearing loss, and the pathways to better hearing.

Ear Science supports Rural Australians 4/11/2017

Every year Ear Science's ear health specialists travel thousands of kilometers to provide much needed audiological services to rural communities!

Ear Science runs Managing Patients with Balance & Vestibular Problems course 1/11/2017

On the 8th of November Ear Science ran the Managing Patients with Balance & Vestibular Problems (BPPV) course.

Ear Science teaches Master of Clinical Audiology students 15/10/2017

We are very excited to introduce you to a number of Ear Science's Master of Clinical Audiology students from The University of Western Australia​! Every year we take in a range of students to work on exciting new projects in Audiology.

Ear Science Researcher appointed as Associate Editor of the International Journal of Audiology 12/10/2017

We are proud to announce Ear Science Researcher Rob Eikelboom has been appointed as an Associate Editor of the International Journal of Audiology, one of the world's leading peer-reviewed audiology journals. Congratulations Rob.

Ear Science Researcher presents at TEDx 17/10/2018

Ear Science Researcher Dr Hsern Ern Tan presented his research at TEDxUWA. Dr Tan is investigating if 3D printing technology can be applied to medical treatment options for eardrum injuries.

Ear Science donates hearing aids to Little Keenan 13/10/2018

Ear Science helped Little Keenan hear for the first time!

Lions Hearing Clinics fit 500 Hearing Aids to children in need 04/10/2017

As a not-for-profit organisation, our Lions Hearing Clinics proudly collect and redistribute pre-owned hearing aids to people in need!

Benefits of Cochlear Implants 28/09/2017

Cochlear implants are electronic devices that restore hearing to those with severe hearing loss. Unfortunately, those who would benefit most from a cochlear implant, wait 12 years on average before seeking implantable devices as a solution.

Economic Costs of Hearing Loss 21/09/2017

In Australia, the economic cost of untreated hearing loss has increased by over 35% in the last 12 years.

Ear Science welcomes new Postdoctoral Neuroscience Researcher 15/09/2017

Congratulations to Dr Filippo Valente for winning Ear Science's Postdoctoral Research Neuroscience Fellowship. Dr Valente is a specialist from Italy who has flown all the way to Perth, to join the Ear Science Research Team.

Lions Hearing Clinic win Appreciation Award 08/09/2017

Our Lions Hearing Clinics have won an appreciation award for their significant contribution to the Care and Ageing Expo.

Happy Father's Day 03/09/2017

Ear Science celebrates Father's Day!

Ear Science Researcher wins Dr Harry Blackmore Award 01/09/2017

Congratulations to Ear Science Researcher Dr Robert Eikelboom for winning the 2017 Dr Harry Blackmore Award. Dr Eikebloom was given the award in recognition of his significant contribution to improving the quality of life for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired community.

Presenting the Future of hearing devices. 26/08/2017

The FUTURE of hearing is here! This innovative hearing device is being called the contact lens for your ears.This video was released for Hearing Awareness Week 2017.

Can cochlear implants reduce the rate of depression, anxiety and social isolation? 25/08/2017

Can cochlear implants reduce the rate of depression, anxiety and social isolation? This video was released to celebrate Hearing Awareness Week 2017.

Can stem cells cure hearing loss? 23/08/2017

Imagine if instead of receiving a hearing device, new hearing cells were transplanted directly into your ear. This video was released for Hearing Awareness Week 2017.

Lotterywest supports Ear Science's Dangerous Decibels Program 21/08/2017

Coinciding with the commencement of Hearing Awareness Week, Ear Science was awarded a grant from Lotterywest funding a renowned educational program called Dangerous Decibels​.

Lions Hearing Clinics runs Audiology Return to Work Course 16/08/2017

To support Audiologists who want to return back to work to an Audiological career, Lions Hearing Clinics hosted a "Return to Work."

Ear Science run Managing Ear Wax and Foreign Body Removal course 09/08/2017

On the 16th of August Ear Science ran the Managing Ear Wax and Foreign Body Removal course. In this fully accredited course, attendees learnt; Ear examination with otoscope & specula, Identification of ear wax blockage and Safe removal of ear wax blockage - ear suction/scooping.

Ear Science CEO attends World Health Organization's Prevention of Deafness Stakeholders Meeting 4/08/2017

Ear Science CEO Sandra Bellekom attended the World Health Organization (WHO) Prevention of Deafness Stakeholders' meeting in Geneva. The meeting brought together leading experts in hearing from all around the world, to plan innovative strategies that will assist people with hearing loss.

Lions Hearing Clinic team present at the Care and Ageing Expo 29/07/2017

Our Head of Lions Hearing Clinics, Lize Coetzee, and Lions Hearing Clinic Clinician, Nikola Hawkins, provided expert hearing advice at the Care and Ageing Expo!

Ear Science researcher investigates if stem cells can cure hearing loss 27/07/2017

Our Ear Science Researcher Ting is investigating if stem cells can be used to heal burst eardrums. Starting as an Honours student at Ear Science Institute Australia, Ting discovered her love for stem cell biology, and was invited to complete her PhD at Ear Science!

Ear Science's ClearDrum Implant receives global recognition 25/07/2017

ClearDrum is an ALL-NEW ear implant that is creating excitement across the globe! Designed to repair burst ear drums, news and hearing organisations from all over the world have all been raving about our new ear implant!

Ear Science run Advanced Life Support Course 13/07/2017

Ear Science runs the Advanced Life Support Course (Level 1). The course provides: ☑️ 40 Category 1 RACGP points ☑️ CPR Requirement ☑️ ACRRM CPD points

Ear Science Researcher Karina Tao 10/07/2017

Over 80% of deaf people live in low and middle income countries, with millions unable to access to hearing services. Originating from Brazil, researcher Karina Tao, is dedicated to finding a solution by undertaking her PhD at Ear Science Institute Australia.

Ear Science searches for a cure to Usher Syndrome 7/07/2017

Michaela has Usher Syndrome, a degenerative disease that has causes her hearing and sight to slowly disappear. She has lost almost all the vision in her left eye, and is severely hearing impaired.Our Ear Science Researchers are searching for a cure to Usher Syndrome, to help Michaela and all others who have the disease.

Ear Science Researcher publishes three journal articles 4/07/2017

This month our Ear Science researcher Bec Bennett had three articles accepted for publication in academic journals, including one in Ear and Hearing, a world renowned journal in audiology. Congratulations Bec!

Lions Hearing Clinic open new Gwelup Clinic 12/06/2017

OUR NEW GWELUP LIONS HEARING CLINIC IS OPEN! Setting the standard in new design, our new clinic is soundproof and fully equipped with a special interactive area where you can directly interact with all kinds of hearing devices!

Ear Science run Moulage Course 1/06/2017

The Avant Education Centre launched an ALL-NEW course 'MOULAGE: The Art of Creating Simulated Wounds.'

Research the core of ear health

Ear Science Institute Australia is a medical science centre in Perth that is unique to any other around the world. Established in 2001 by Professor Marcus Atlas, an ear specialist and surgeon scientist, it has become renowned for its ability to integrate all facets of the not-for-profit organisation.

Ear Science announces ALL-NEW ClearDrum Implant 23/05/2017

ClearDrum is an ALL-NEW ear implant set to help the millions of people who suffer from Chronic Middle Ear Disease each year.

Ear Science's new research home opens 3/05/2017

Three generations of a Perth family are living proof of the big gains that come from science, all gifted with hearing thanks to Australian medical research.

Celebrating hearing dogs 11/04/2017

Between the 10th of April to the 17th of April we hosted a week celebrating hearing dogs on social media.

World Health Day 07/04/17

To recognise World Health Day, Ear Science created a video highlighting the affect your hearing health has on your body and mind.

World Hearing Day Research Symposium Photo Gallery

Check out the highlights from the first ever World Hearing Day Research Symposium.

World Hearing Day Hearing Aid Collection 03/03/17

To celebrate World Hearing Day, our Lions Hearing Clinics together with the Lions Hearing Foundation will be collecting pre-owned hearing aids and redistributing them to countries in need.

World Hearing Day Research Symposium 03/03/17

Join the first annual World Hearing Day Research Symposium. Showcasing groundbreaking research, the free symposium will be a meeting of people with a passion for hearing research.

World Hearing Day Professional Education 03/03/17

To celebrate World Hearing Day on the 3rd of March, Ear Science Clinic is hosting a professional education evening called Beyond Hearing Aids.

World Hearing Day Hearing Aid Drop Off Locations 03/03/17

Find out where you can drop off your preo-owned hearing aids for the World Hearing Day hearing aid collection.

International Cochlear Implant Day 25/02/17

To celebrate International Cochlear Implant Day, Ear Science shared a range of articles, stories and videos of cochlear implant recipients.

Tinnitus Awareness Week 06/02/17

Learn how we recognised and raised awareness for Tinnitus Awareness Week 2017.

Ear Science Director Swims for Hearing 25/02/17

This coming year, The Gift of Hearing Swim Team, headed by Professor Atlas, will compete in the Karma Resorts Rottnest Channel Swim on Saturday 25 February, 2017.

Celebrating kids with cochlear implants (online) 16/01/17

Between the 16th of January to the 22nd of January we hosted a week celebrating kids with cochlear implants on our Ear Science Facebook page

Christmas at Ear Science (online) 25/12/2016

Over the Christmas of 2016 we posted various Christmas related hearing stories on our Ear Science Facebook page.

Lions Hearing Bank Hearing Aid Drive 06/10/16

Learn how the Lions Hearing Aid Bank donated thousands of hearing aids to areas in need such as the Philippines, Indonesia and Africa.

Hearing Awareness Week 2016 21/08/16

Over the course of Hearing Awareness Week (Aug 21 - Aug 28), Ear Science hosted a number of free events to raise awareness for hearing loss.

Ear Science's Clinical Research Coup 16/08/16

In 2016 Ear Science Institute Australia proudly announced Professor Peter Friedland, the former private ear nose and throat surgeon of Nelson Mandela, as its new Head of Clinical Research.

Gift of Hearing 2016 20/05/16

The Gift of Hearing is a charitable appeal that works to raise funds to assist those in need with hearing devices such as hearing aids and cochlear implants and to provide much needed funding for research into ear and hearing disorders.

Cheers for Ears 2015 - 2016

Cheers for Ears was a fun, interactive school incursion for kids aged 8 to 12, that explored how our ears work and how to look after them.

WA leading the world in ear and hearing health 29/06/16

Learn how Western Australia state has actively demonstrated an overriding effort to lead the world in the latest ear and hearing practices.

Ear Science fits 500th Cochlear Implant 16/11/15

In late 2015, Ear Science Institute Australia restored hearing to its 500th cochlear implant recipient.

EnginEars turns up volume on children with hearing loss 02/11/14

In October 2014 Ear Science launched EnginEars - the state’s most ambitious hearing implant program for kids.

WA adolescent receives world-first magnetic cochlear implant device 31/10/2013

A 17 year old Perth school-boy was the world’s first adolescent recipient of a new magnetically attached hearing implant at the Ear Science Institute Australia.

Hearing Awareness Week 03/09/13

To celebrate Hearing Awareness Week in 2013, Ear Science launched "Extending the Boundaries" a program aimed to support regional health efforts and bridge the ‘hearing’ health gap between rural and metropolitan.

Ear Science receives further funding for Dementia-hearing loss study 29/08/13

The multi-pronged research drive to define the role of restoring hearing loss to prevent or delay the onset of dementia has been further bolstered by a $2.4 million Lotterywest facilities grant to the burgeoning Ear Science Institute Australia.