Healthy hearing is a healthy community.

Ear Science Community recognises the importance of protecting, improving and maintaining hearing health across Western Australia. We tailor services to help community members, no matter the goal – from conducting hearing checks across WA's most remote communities, to advising family members and carers on best practice communication tactics, to visiting workplaces for occupational health and safety-approved hearing checks, or providing children with ear health tips and education.

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WHO Collaborating Centre

In 2019, Ear Science Institute Australia’s global excellence in research and clinical services has been recognised by the World Health Organization as the world’s sixth Collaborating Centre for the Prevention of Deafness and Hearing Loss.

Online Community

Ear Science's online community gives you the opportunity to connect with people with an interest in hearing from all around the world. Join our online Facebook and LinkedIn communities.


Learn about the different events hosted at Ear Science Institute Australia. From hearing aid collections to professional education events, Ear Science Community is dedicated to improving the hearing health of the national and international community.

Community Programs

Throughout the year Ear Science Institute Australia runs various community programs to improve the quality of life for people with hearing loss.

Online Videos

To spread awareness of various health issues throughout the community, Ear Science release regular online videos on our Ear Science Facebook and LinkedIn page.

Lions Hearing Aid Bank

Our Lions Hearing Clinics together with the Lions Hearing Foundations will be collecting pre-owned hearing aids and redistributing them to countries in need.

World Hearing Day

To celebrate World Hearing Day 2019 and generate global awareness for hearing loss, Ear Science is hosting a range of different initiatives.

Workplace services

As part of Western Australia's standard occupational health and safety regulations, employers must recognise the importance of caring for their employees' hearing health.