Ear Science Clinic is dedicated to supporting you throughout your entire hearing implant journey. Whether you are just thinking about getting a hearing implant or going through your adjustment period after receiving a hearing implant, we are there to support you. Our experienced team of implant audiologists, surgeons and speech pathologist are committed to listening to you, supporting you and answering any questions you may have.

Ear Science Clinic also has dedicated support programs which allow you to meet hearing implant recipients and learn firsthand about their experiences. Paired up with a hearing implant recipient similar to you, our mentor program provides you the opportunity to ask a hearing implant recipient any question you may have. Click here for more information about the Ear Science Clinic Mentor program

Ear Science Clinic is always committed to supporting you and provides ongoing support for hearing implant recipients after implantation. Our dedicated informal support groups allow people who have been recently implanted to meet with similar implant recipients and learn strategies to manage their hearing. In these small group meetings, implant recipients share advice, support and hearing strategies. Click here for more information about Ear Science Clinic’s support groups.

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Mentor Support

Ear Science Clinic introduces you to a similar hearing aid recipient and provides you the opportunity to ask them all your questions about the process of getting a hearing implant.

Support Groups

Ear Science Clinic provides you the opportunity to meet a group of people with hearing implants and ask questions about their experience.

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