Hearing loss is the most common disability in the world

- but it can still be overwhelming to learn of the condition in a child.

EnginEars is a hearing implant program that helps babies, children and teenagers who have moderately-severe to profound hearing loss. EnginEars is a collaboration between Ear Science Clinic and the School of Special Educational Needs: Sensory (formerly WAIDE). The program addresses the child’s hearing loss, speech and language and educational needs. The EnginEars program also has a close working relationship with Australian Hearing, the Government organisation responsible for amplification of children.

EnginEars provides whole-of-life care in a consistent and highly supportive environment for children to grow up within. And, once their education is complete, the young adult can access our cochlear implant and associated services for the rest of their life.

Ear Science Clinic's EnginEars will support you and your child every step of the way - to ensure all your child's hearing and associated needs are met.

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