Children's services

An ability to hear is fundamental to the development of speech and language. 

Research indicates that 4 in every 1000 infants are expected to be born with permanent hearing loss. Children who receive early intervention have better language skills than those receiving intervention later on. The critical age by which intervention should commence may be as early as six months. Early diagnosis, early intervention, and an early start on special education programs can help maximise a child's hearing.

Ear Science Clinic has a team of paediatric audiologists, who specialise in children's hearing and ear health care. We use state-of-the art equipment to diagnose babies and infants and if your child is diagnosed with hearing loss, we are here to support you every step of the way.

Ear Science Clinic works closely with Australian Hearing, the Government provider of paedaitric hearing aids in addition to offering a broad range of hearing implant options for children including Cochlear Implants and Bone Conduction Implants through our EnginEars program.

If you child is older than 6 months and needs a hearing assessment, Lions Hearing Clinic can assess your child.

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