Balance & dizziness

Why do some people experience vertigo and dizziness?

Several body systems interact together to keep the body in balance. As such, dizziness or vertigo can result from a number of conditions or factors. 

These conditions can be described in many ways:

  • Some report a particular feeling, like spinning, cart-wheeling, tilting, faintness, light-headedness and floating sensations.
  • Others report visual disturbances, nausea or sensitivity to particular movements. 

Dizziness, vertigo and imbalance can have major effects on quality of life.

The Ear Science Clinic's qualified team of Ear Nose and Throat specialists, audiologists, vestibular physiotherapists and clinical psychologists together provide premium balance-related diagnostics, treatment and management options. We use the latest, specialised equipment to conduct balance tests, looking not only at the vestibular system (in the ear) but also responses from the eyes, the muscles and the central nervous system which make up the wider balance system.

Ear Science Clinic also provides free information to the community about balance and dizziness via free publications and seminars.

If you experience imbalance, vertigo or dizziness, please make an appointment with your GP or health care professional and request a referral to the Ear Science Clinic.

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