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What are hearing implants – and do I qualify for one?

What’s a hearing implant?

An implantable hearing device is an option for people who no longer qualify for traditional amplification options, eg hearing aids OR people wo are physically not able to wear hearing aids.

Sometimes people do not benefit from hearing aids due to the severe / profound degree of the hearing loss and limited speech understanding provided by these devices. In some cases, amplification can result in distortion of speech.

Due to physical limitations, eg ongoing ear infections or anatomical abnormalities, some people are physically not able to wear hearing aids and they might qualify for an implantable hearing device.

How do I know what kind is right for me?

There are different types of implantable hearing devices.


These type of devices are suitable for people with a moderately, severe profound degree sensori-neural hearing loss in one or both ears. It is only suitable if a person receives limited benefit from traditional amplification devices eg hearing aids.


These types of devices are suitable for people with a mild to moderate degree hearing loss that includes the middle ear, called a conductive or mixed hearing loss.

In some cases the person might have a sensori-neural hearing loss which is due to haircell loss in the inner ear, however, they are unable to wear hearing aids. They might qualify for a middle ear implant.

Am I a candidate?

You are welcome to email or fax a copy of your latest audiogram to our office at the Ear Science Implant Clinic. Our Clinical coordinator will have a look at your audiogram and might be able to give you an indication whether you are a suitable candidate or not.  In some cases, we might require additional information to guide us in providing information with regards to your possible candidacy for an implantable device.

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